Specialty Coatings

Preserving Your Facilities with Expert Coatings: Enhancing Longevity and Durability for Institutional Structures

Roof Coating

We have the ability to provide clients with alternatives to replacing the roofs of their buildings through the fluid applied coating systems. By utilizing this type of a system the existing roof can be preserved, waterproofed and achieve LEED credits in a cost effective manner. We have been trained and certified to not only apply the products but present our clients with a 10 year renewable warranty which not only provides protection to the building but the budget as well.

Contractors have trusted UNIFLEX® to provide quality roof coatings for over 100 years. You can be confident that when you offer your customers UNIFLEX® Fluid Applied Roof Coatings, you are offering them the best! Our proven systems help you get the job done right and avoid callbacks. Our nationwide distribution network is unparalleled in the industry and saves you time and money.

Epoxy Coated Clean Rooms and Mat Lay Up Systems

We can provide an Epoxy Coated and/or Mat Lay Up System in areas that require a high performance vertical and overhead finish. This system is best designed for moderate/heavy duty areas in medical facilities, clean rooms, research labs, wash down areas, animal holding areas, food processing areas and shower stalls. This system is a superior replacement for FRP pre-fab sheet systems since it is monolithic, easier to clean and easier to repair or renew once worn. It should be installed wherever a watertight/seamless, highly durable wall system is needed to withstand moderate impact, frequent wash downs, moderate thermal shock, etc. We are an approved applicator for many of the industries product lines and systems and a quick review of your facility will allow us to provide insight as to what system would work best for your situation.


Intumescent Applications

We can provide the technical expertise you require to assist you in the selection of fireproofing options for any fire prevention needs you may have. Intumescent fireproofing are thin film decorative coatings designed for exposed applications where appearance is of primary importance. Finished off with an approved top coat, these fireproofing products are increasingly seen as the solution to achieving fire resistance ratings for exposed structural steel, gypsum board or wood surfaces.


Flame Control intumescent paints are ideal for a variety of substrates including wood, sheetrock, metals, fiberglass, composites, concrete, and open and closed cell foams. Flame Control Flame Retardant coatings are applied using the same methods as standard latex paints, and have the same aesthetic appearance as regular paint.


FireGuard E-84 and FireGuard XL-95 are cost and time-effective fireproofing solutions for various construction assemblies. Easy and quick to apply to a wide range of substrate materials, these intumescent and fire-retardant solutions minimize flame spread, smoke production, and structural damage. These products add no additional mass to existing building structures and the spray application allows for a smooth, even finish. FireGuard E-84 achieves a Class A extended rating and up to a 2-hour endurance rating on common assemblies, while FireGuard XL-95 achieves a Class A rating on raw wood applications. Both of these construction-grade FireGuard products meet ASTM, NFPA, and UL testing standards to provide an excellent fireproofing solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Fire Stop Systems

We can help architects and engineers with project plans, to ensure all fire stopping needs and requirements are met as well as assist with the long-term fire resistant construction needs. We can help existing facilities plan, implement, monitor and manage a comprehensive fire barrier program by matching an approved system to a fire resistant construction project's unique needs. We achieve these goals through the use of various products such as: fire sealants, fire caulking, smoke sealants, and barriers.

  • 3M™ offers the broadest line of passive fire protection products and systems for fire rated and fire resistant construction. From architects looking for specifications or CAD/BIM objects to installers requiring basic or advanced training, 3M™ partners with you from the start.

Wall Coverings

We provide services which include installation, removal, and maintenance of various Commercial wall coverings including wallpapers, vinyl, borders, murals, and Dry Erase Board systems.

Caribou Stairway


We know you can't stop working for painting and maintenance, this is why Northeast Painting & Coatings works with you to schedule maintenance that doesn't disrupt your operations. From small to large jobs, we offer experienced execution from surface preparation, professional painting and clean-up.

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